LLC Lifecycle

Limited Liability Company (LLC) Or Professional Limited Liability (PLLC) Company Formation and Maintenance


The process of forming a Limited Liability Company (LLC) begins with researching and reserving a name with the AZ Corporation Commission (ACC). Articles of Organization then are prepared and submitted to the ACC. If necessary, the LLC will be advertised and once this is completed the LLC will be created.

An important part of forming a LLC is to set up an operating agreement. This regulates the LLC and sets up standards for the performance of the members. 

Appointing a Statutory Agent for receipt of correspondence and service of documents is another essential part of the formation process. The statutory agent can be a member of the LLC or another person who is willing to give an address (not a PO Box) for correspondence.

Other documents that are part of the LLC life cycle are; corrections to the articles, changes in the articles, changes in statutory agents, address changes for the members, and termination of the LLC.

A PLLC is a different type of Limited Liability Company in that it is specifically for those businesses that require a professional license and is tied to the person who has the license. The specific profession that requires a PLLC is a licensed real estate agent. All other professions in AZ do not require a PLLC.

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AZ LLC Name Research & Reservation


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LLC Articles of Organization Preparation


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LLC Operating Agreement Preparation


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LLC Correction & Filing


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LLC Termination & Filing


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LLC Statement of Change & -Filing


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